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MICRONET™ combines patented Southwest Microwave technology with microprocessor power and laptop computer convenience. It is a sophisticated perimeter security system which provides precise location of alarms.

MICRONET is based on MicroPoint™ cable technology which detects any fence disturbance and locates it to within 10 feet. Precise location allows proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or heavy vehicles. Reliable detection is assured.

MICRONET also transmits alarm signals and operating power to all MICRONET modules and auxiliary sensors along the perimeter eliminating the need for extra wiring. Micronet software interfaces directly with a personal computer (PC) so that your computer becomes the installation test set, graphic map, and alarm monitoring display. Installed cost is very low!

Best of all, MICRONET was designed by Southwest Microwave, and it is backed by our 30 years experience with exterior security systems around the world.