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SlimStile BA


Tripod Turnstile for Internal Installation
Tripod Turnstiles are compact and cost-effective
entrance solutions designed for smooth and silent
operation, less wear and tear and reduced power
consumption, suitable for areas where there is a large
flow of people.
The SlimStile BA, our stainless steel compact version,
offers high operating reliability in a small casework for
wall-mounted or pedestal installation, ideal for sites
where space is an issue. On receiving a signal from the
access control system, or push button, it allows the
passage of one person at a time. The status is shown on
the led-way mode indicators, in entry and exit side.


Passage in both directions is electronically controlled.
Available in Normally Closed (N/C) configuration to lock
the mechanism until a valid authorisation signal is
received, or available in Normally Open (N/O)
configuration to lock the mechanism in the event of
attempted unauthorised entry. The N/O configuration
allows also reduced power consumption and increases
the life of the mechanism and passage through put
speed. In case of emergency, the hub can freely rotate to
allow an easier exit. You can also choose the drop arm
option which automatically drops the horizontal arm to
allow free passage.