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Reception and visitors management: innovative, user friendly, adaptable, powerful...eGestat is all of this and much more: it is a concentration of state-of-the-art technology with optimal ergonomics and well design functionalities giving you excellent value for money.


  • Public opening and closing hours management
  • Multi-service reception, multiple queues
  • Customised and graphic tickets
  • Adjustable waiting time thresholds
  • Waiting time estimation by simulation
  • Advanced call and backup management strategies
  • Transfer to another service
  • 24h operation
  • Call by number or voice announcement
  • Interactive and multi-lingual terminals issuing tickets


  • Call next customer from waiting queue
  • Spontaneous reception
  • Select a visitor from the waiting queue
  • Visit reason management
  • Counting abandoned visits
  • View waiting queue conditions


  • View the number of persons waiting per service
  • Colour indicators according to the situation
  • Multi-level alarms based on numerous criteria
  • Counters and equipment supervision
  • Real time changes to the call strategy


  • Customisable multi-view and multi-function documents
  • Printing
  • Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Table, Curve
  • Export to Excel


  • Dynamic video communication
  • Video display of visitor ow and waiting time per service
  • Information ticket
  • Information on waiting conditions by video
  • Slave radio module
  • Master radio module
  • Push-button console