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6-Channel Standalone NVR


GVDʼs M100 series is a 6-Channel HD NVR in standalone type for users to execute
surveillance programs easily without running through additional PC. M100 runs
smoothly with IP cameras in D1 or 1.3 Megapixel resolutions. Especially for those
who are moving into IP surveillance business, M100 is their perfect match.
M100 fits into the requirement of multiple-site management from headquarters,
for the following market sectors :
  • Convenience chain store
  • Supermarket chain
  • Restaurant chain
  • Small office Building
Spooler function
To temporarily store the searched video clips
and snapshots in “spooler area”for reviewing
their evidence capability first, and export them
in one batch. Spooler helps to save CPU loading
for running invalid video backups.
Utilizing IP cameraʼs multiple-stream function
to set full video screen in low frame rate/video
quality, and mark critical area in high frame
rate/video quality to reduce the total
requirement video storage.