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LightCom is specifically designed with
the patient in mind to provide an easy to
use audio visual nurse call system that
is cost effective and simple to install in
hospitals, clinics and day surgeries.
LightCom features AUSTCO’s extensive
range of flush mountable call points, with
easy to identify soft touch silicon push
buttons, as well as pendants for patients
to activate calls. Water resistant call points
and pull cords are available for use in
toilets, wash rooms and other wet areas.
The location and level of an active call is
clearly displayed to nurses on over door
lights, zone lights as well as on optional
Annunciator Panels centrally located at
nurse stations.
Over door and zone lights use different
colour indicators, with or without flashing,
to indicate the priority of active calls.
The Annunciator panel audibly and visually
announces active calls at two distinct levels
for each bed, room or zone connected to it.
Optional two-way speech (talk-back)
communication between nurses and
patients ensures a totally appropriate
response to calls resulting in increased
staff efficiency and patient care.
AUSTCO’s innovative ergonomically
designed entertainment handset for patient
control of TV, radio, lights and nurse call
functions is a further feature.