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VMS Software

Product Description:

The exacqVision® VMS (Video Management System) software

installs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers running Windows
or Linux operating systems to create an advanced security
solution, providing recording of the latest, state-of-the-art IP
video surveillance cameras. The powerful, yet easy-to-operate
client user interface installs on any standard computer running
Windows, Linux or Mac OS X and easily connects to multiple
exacqVision servers including Hybrid servers (analog and IP
cameras) and IP Camera servers from exacq technologies. Video
from all exacqVision systems can be accessed using web browsers
and mobile devices with access to the internet. The VMS software
is also available on factory installed exacqVision IP Camera
  • Each server is expandable to up to 255 IP cameras (dependent on camera settings)
  • Simple and cost-effective to add additional IP camera licenses
  • Supports latest IP camera technology including multi-megapixel cameras and H.264 compression
  • Supports IP encoders from multiple manufacturers
  • Digital PTZ functionality on all cameras in live and recorded mode
  • Intuitive user interface requires little to no training
  • Common client connects to multiple exacqVision servers to create scalable networks
  • Easy-to-use, powerful video and audio export features
  • Multi-monitor client display. Drag and drop cameras between monitors
  • Graphical search display for all cameras and recorded audio
  • Easy to use multi-camera playback and export
  • Definable user permissions and privileges
  • Access video with most web browsers and mobile devices with internet access
  • Wide-screen client views
  • SmartSearch