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IP Camera NVR Servers - 2U Rackmount


Stand-alone or Enterprise

  • Each server expandable from 1 to 64 IP cameras.
  • Simple and cost-effective to add additional IP camera licenses.
  • Common client simultaneously connects to unlimited exacqVision servers to create scalable network.
Powerful Integration
  • Supports latest IP camera technology including megapixel cameras, H.264 and analytics.
  • Supports IP cameras and encoders from multiple manufacturers.
  • Integration with leading access control systems.
Intuitive exacqVision Software
  • Requires little to no training.
  • Multi-monitor client display. Drag and drop cameras between monitors.
  • Graphical search display for all cameras and recorded audio.
  • Multi-camera playback and support.
  • Digital PTZ functionality on all cameras in live and recorded mode.
  • Powerful video and audio export features.
Mobile Access
  • Access video with web browsers and mobile devices with internet access.
Cross Platform
  • Server software runs on Windows or Linux.
  • Client software freely available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.