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VIVOTEK’s SD7313 (NTSC) / SD7323 (PAL) is the latest high
performance speed dome network camera integrated with a
35x zoom lens and SONY Exview HAD CCD sensor. With its
powerful zoom capability, this camera offers close-up images
of distant objects in sharp detail. It is designed for professional
outdoor surveillance applications where high reliability, sharp
images, and weatherproofing (IP66 rated) are required.
Along with the high sensitivity SONY Exview HAD CCD sensor and incorporating a removable IR-cut filter, the
SD7313/7323 is capable of detection at near infrared light region with great proficiency, drastically improving light
sensitivity, especially during nighttime. The WDR function enables the SD7313/7323 to generate identifiable
images, overcoming the difficulties of challenging lighting conditions.
Featuring EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), the SD7313/7323 can mitigate the influence of vibration caused by
winds or camera rotation so as to ensure stable and recognizable image quality at all times. The 3D privacy mask
function guarantees that private areas are completely sheltered even when the camera pans, tilts, and zooms.
When zooming in, the privacy mask will be enlarged to provide comprehensive blockage of the private area. In
addition, the SD7313/7323 incorporates an SD/SDHC card slot so as to offer temporary on-board recording.
Similar to the advanced features of VIVOTEK’s other cameras, the SD7313/7323 includes 3GPP mobile surveillance,
dual-codec, dual-stream, two-way audio via SIP protocol, digital I/O, 802.1X authentication for network
protection, and USB joystick for remote PTZ control. With the VIVOTEK SD7313/7323, these exceptional features
provide efficient operational flexibility to meet customers’ needs in surveillance applications both outdoors and