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IQ 140
Genius IQ is the only software on earth that uses internationally patented Non Motion Detection (NMD) technology. Motion is precisely what ALL other intelligent video systems are based on. Instead, NMD focuses on static or stationary objects, constantly learning the background of a scene whilst ignoring motion. Any object placed in or removed from a crowded area can activate an alarm in real-time.
  • detect objects placed in crowded areas
  • detect objects removed from crowded areas
  • detect objects that are partially hidden or obscured
  • detect graffiti & vandalism
  • detect very small objects 8x8 pixels
  • object differentiation (car vs truck, adult vs child, loaded vs unloaded)
Handle Obscuration
Genius IQ-140 can detect very small objects (8x8 pixels) in very crowded areas even when the object has been obscurred for a significant period of time.
  • Non Motion Detection (NMD)
  • Operational with People and/or Vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Object Differentiation
  • Jump to Event
  • Nuisance Alarm Minimization System (NAMS)
  • Operational on a Wireless PDA
  • Flexible Architecture
  • 24x7 Worldwide Support