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IQ Hawk
The IQ-Hawk is the first commercially robust engine that allows for detection and identification of multiple objects or people within a single scene simultaneously.
Traditionally PTZ cameras have been used for this application with a wide angle "home position" for detection and optical zoom to identify people, license plates etc. Although some automated systems have been developed many require manual control to zoom in. In both cases these systems have a major limitation.
While the camera is zoomed in on the subject for identification the system is unable to detect events outside the narrow field of view. This leaves PTZ cameras vulnerable to defeat by decoys e.g. a decoy can approach a perimeter and draw the cameras attention while the real intruder moves in undetected.
IQ-Hawk solves this problem by using a high resolution camera to watch the whole scene and using digital zoom to allow users to look at parts in high detail in a separate view. This includes being able to jump to alarm events and watch them at high resolution, focusing on the relevant area and magnifying them to the desired level. The camera field of view does not change, the ability to detect events is not lost and the integrity of the surveillance system is not compromised.
IQ-Hawk can be readily interfaced with identification engines (including Facial Recognition and Licence Plate Recognition) to allow Detection and Identification to occur simultaneously. This patent pending system can in case of an event, provide an immediate identification of the target by automatically providing a digital zoom onto the face of the person or the license plate of a vehicle.