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MicroPoint Cable is tie wrapped to a chain link fence where it detects vibrations from any cut or climb and precisely locates the point of intrusion. MicroPoint cable transmits alarm data and system status to each module and provides power to these modules and auxiliary sensors along the perimeter. No other equipment or wiring is needed.

Precise location of each fence disturbance provides:

  • Point Impact Discrimination Sensitive to a localized fence disturbance caused by a cut or climb. Insensitive to distributed fence noise due to wind, rain and nearby vehicles.
  • Sensitivity Leveling Calibration automatically compensates for fence variations. Each meter (3 feet) of perimeter fence is equally sensitive to intrusions.
  • Free Format Zoning Zones are set in software, independent of processor location and may be changed at will.

Built-in microprocessor and PC software provide:

  • Windows based Site-Manager installation program Installation and service is completed with easy to use graphic tools.
  • Remote diagnostics Modem interface reports site conditions and alarm information over ordinary telephone lines. This feature allows for remote trouble shooting.

Optional alarm monitoring systems offer:

  • Graphic annunciation With Map Monitor, the user-drawn INTREPID site map is converted into a full-color graphic annunciator map, with alarm reports.
  • Complete security management Perimeter Security Manager features comprehensive alarm display, monitoring and control capabilities, as well as high-level interface to CCTV equipment and auxiliary perimeter security devices.