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Polilight-Flare is the ideal lightweight portable light source
for all scene of crime investigation. Zero tolerance is the new
“buzz” word in law enforcement and the Flare allows all police
to carry a low cost light source to quickly scan the scene for
trace evidence. Both light weight and powerful, the filtered light
from Flare gives exceptional enhancement results on a wide
range of trace evidence.

The Flare produces a continuous output, even illumination,
beam of light from an array of LEDs. A range of models with
centre wavelengths 380, 415, 440, 470 505, 530 and white are
available. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable without mem-
ory effect and can be detached from the LED head to power
other heads. The microprocessor control of the unit ensures full
power for a continuous 2 hours of operation.