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UL Listed Vault Doors
UL Listed Vault Doors



Stainless Steel Finish

The Gunnebo UL Doors come standard in Stainless

Steel Finish. All Exposed metal surfaces are finished in gleaming stainless
steel including the massive full length locking bar, door edges and jamb area
creating a totally maintenance free door. The adjustable door hinges have
precision anti-friction tapered bearings balancing the door so perfectly that
it can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger.
Daygate Standard – The day gate is secured by 2 keylocks as standard.
The standard daygate features a stainless steel grid with lock panel to match
key operation is used with the stainless steel bar style daygate. The gate can
be altered to be left or right hung on site .
Built In Ventilator – The emergency ventilator is built into the vault door
frame, eliminating the need for space consuming wall ventilator installation.
The vault doors conceal the emergency ventilator behind the hinge cover,
eliminating unsightly ventilator hole, in all other vault door.
Testing In Compliance To UL 608 – To be rated as a UL listed door, the
door has to pass all of the three rigorous tests conducted by the Underwriters
Laboratory of America professional testers. The tests are designed to
authenticate the burglary resistant rating of vault doors ac-cording to the
length of time they withstand attack by common tools